About The Series

Have you ever wondered how something was invented? Brooke Fairley has! As a young inventor, Brooke likes to investigate the gadgets and gizmos in her daily life and think of ways to put her own spin on them. In If Not You, Then Who? Volume 1, you’ll follow Brooke over the course of a not-so-ordinary day and learn about the everyday inventions that make our lives better.

Brooke and her grandfather are now busy at work on the next three books scheduled for release in 2020.

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About David & Emberli

David and Emberli Pridham make their homes between Dallas, Texas and Barrington, Rhode Island along with their children Brooke, Noah, and Graham and their cat, Miss Beasley. David is the CEO of Dominion Harbor Enterprises, a patent transactional firm based in Dallas, Texas.


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