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If Not You Then Who?

The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas

Brooke Fairley is an inquisitive, creative 9-year-old with an eye for inventing.

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If Not You Then Who?

Noah's Treehouse

It's finally treehouse day! And seven-year-old Noah Fairley cannot wait to start building..

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The Colorless Chameleon

Chameleon has lost her colors! With a party coming up, she wants them back and soon. But how? The answer is surprisingly simple - just ask!

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book!”
- Dr. Seuss

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A New Standard For Children's Books

At Weeva, we are lovers of books. There is nothing like the smell and feel of a treasured book in your hands, awash on your chest as you fall asleep with your child close by your side enthralled with the pages that create a portal to curiosity and imagination.

We Want To...

  • Inspire closeness between child and reader as they cuddle together over the pages of a beloved story
  • Motivate curiosity, conversation and connection as a child and reader explore the world together
  • Alert children to the beauty of art and the awesomeness of artistic expression
  • Generate thoughtfulness on how and why values such as kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit matter to all people
  • Instill a lifelong love of reading
  • Nurture a child’s dreams and aspirations to contribute to a better, more delightful world
  • Engage kids in learning about the world around them in fun and inspiring ways

Can you imagine the possibilities with us?

Classic Books We Love

The Owl and the Pussycat
I love the way Lear plays with nonsense words and still manages to evoke meaning. I also love lingering over the beautiful artwork."
- Kim Gorsuch
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
"It was hilarious to read and the artwork was entertaining... my mom laughed, so I laughed harder."
- Ray Bradbury
Edwina the Emu
"The story is laugh-out-loud funny, featuring a mother Emu determined to make her own way in the world whatever the obstacles. Bold and beautiful artwork."
- James Liam
If Not You Then Who? Series

Join Young Inventors for Days Full of Great Ideas!

Inspired by their grandfather, Brooke and Noah tackle their daily challenges while learning about inventions big and small.

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